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Upcoming Live Scoring Events
Event NameEvent Start Date
Heart of the Carolinas 3-Day & HT05/03/2017
Penny Oak Horse Trials05/06/2017
Poplar Place Farm May Horse Trials05/06/2017
Jersey Fresh CCI3* & CCI2* Three-Day Event05/10/2017
Texas Rose Horse Park CCI & CIC & HT05/11/2017
Grindstone Mtn Farm Spring HT05/13/2017
Plantation Field May HT05/13/2017
WindRidge Farm HT05/13/2017
War Horse Event Series May HT05/14/2017
Otter Creek Spring HT05/19/2017
Chattahoochee Hills May H.T.05/20/2017
Fair Hill International May Horse Trials05/20/2017
Will O' Wind Spring Opener05/21/2017
Virginia CIC2*, CCI1*05/25/2017
Virginia Horse Trials05/25/2017
Flora Lea Spring Horse Trials05/27/2017
Mystic Valley Hunt Club, Inc. Horse Trials05/27/2017
Colorado Horse Park CCI2*/1* & Horse Trials06/01/2017
GMHA June HT06/03/2017
Valinor Farm Horse Trials06/11/2017
War Horse Event Series June HT 06/18/2017
Fox River Valley Pony Club HT06/23/2017
Essex Horse Trials06/24/2017
Chattahoochee Hills HT Summer Series 107/01/2017
Chattahoochee Hills HT Summer Series 207/08/2017
War Horse Event Series July HT07/16/2017
Colorado Horse Park 3 Day & HT08/10/2017
War Horse Event Series Sept HT 09/17/2017
War Horse Event Series October HT10/15/2017

Completed Live Scoring Events
Event NameEvent Start Date
MDHT Spring Starter #204/23/2017
Holly Hill Spring Horse Trials04/22/2017
Hunt Club Farm Starter HT04/22/2017
Longleaf Pine Horse Trials At Carolina Horse Park04/22/2017
Plantation Field April Horse Trials04/22/2017
Sporting Days Farm April HT04/22/2017
Fence Horse Trials04/15/2017
Fair Hill International April Horse Trials04/14/2017
Ocala Int'l 3-Day Festival of Eventing04/12/2017
Full Moon Farm Spring HT04/09/2017
Spring Bay Horse Trials04/08/2017
Chattahoochee Hills April Horse Trials04/07/2017
The Fork Horse Trials and CIC04/05/2017
Full Gallop Farm April H.T. 04/01/2017
Morven Park Spring Horse Trials04/01/2017
Texas Rose Horse Park HT04/01/2017
Rocking Horse Spring HT03/31/2017
Full Gallop Farm March Schooling Show 203/26/2017
MDHT Spring Starter #103/26/2017
Poplar Place Farm March Horse Trials03/23/2017
Carolina Int'l CIC & Horse Trials03/22/2017
Stable View Spring Horse Trials03/21/2017
Exmoor Horse Trials03/18/2017
MeadowCreek Park - The Spring Social Event03/18/2017
Pine Top Spring Horse Trials03/17/2017
Full Gallop Farm March Schooling Show 103/15/2017
Full Gallop Farm March 2 HT03/11/2017
Southern Pines Horse Trials 03/11/2017
Red Hills International Horse Trials03/09/2017
Sporting Days Farms March HT03/04/2017
Rocking Horse Winter 3 Horse Trials03/03/2017
Full Gallop Farm March I HT03/01/2017
Three Lakes Feb. Horse Trials @ Caudle Ranch02/25/2017
Pine Top Advanced, CIC3,CIC2*, CIC1* & H.T.02/23/2017
CHP Pipe Opener II CT02/18/2017
Paradise Farm Horse Trials02/17/2017
Rocking Horse Winter 2 Horse Trials02/16/2017
Full Gallop February Schooling Show02/15/2017
Ocala Winter II H.T. Pres. by Brian Cox Farm Team02/10/2017
Pine Top Intermediate Horse Trials02/10/2017
Full Gallop Farm Feb. HT02/08/2017
Poplar Place Farm February Horse Trials02/04/2017
Sporting Days Farm Feb. HT02/04/2017
Wellington Eventing Showcase02/03/2017
Stable View Winter Horse Trials01/31/2017
Full Gallop Farm Jan. HT01/29/2017
Rocking Horse Winter 1 HT01/27/2017
Poplar Place Farm January Horse Trials01/21/2017
CHP Pipe Opener I CT01/14/2017
Stable View Aiken Opener HT01/14/2017
Three Lakes Jan. Horse Trials @ Caudle Ranch01/14/2017
Ocala Winter I H.T. Presented by Brian Cox Farm Te01/07/2017
Full Gallop Dec. Schooling HT12/11/2016
Sporting Days Farm HT IV12/03/2016
Pine Top Thanksgiving Horse Trials11/26/2016
Ocala Jockey Club International 3-Day Event11/24/2016
Paradise Farm Horse Trials11/19/2016
Portofino Equestrian Center11/19/2016
Full Moon Farms H.T.11/13/2016
Poplar Place Farm November Horse Trials11/12/2016
Texas Rose Horse Park Fall HT11/12/2016
War Horse Event Series November HT11/12/2016
Full Gallop Farm Nov HT11/06/2016
MDHT Starter Fall 311/06/2016
Rocking Horse Fall Horse Trials11/05/2016
Chattahoochee Hills October HT10/29/2016
Holly Hill Fall Horse Trials10/29/2016
Virginia CCI*/** & Horse Trials 10/27/2016
Full Gallop Farm Oct Schooling HT10/23/2016
Hagyard Prelim & Training 3 Day10/20/2016
Waredaca 3 day10/20/2016
Waredaca October HT10/20/2016
Hagyard Midsouth 3Day & Team Challenge10/19/2016
MDHT Starter Fall 210/16/2016
Ocala Fall Event10/15/2016
Paradise Farm Oct.Horse Trials10/15/2016
Fair Hill International YEH Championships10/13/2016
Fair Hill International Three Day10/12/2016
Kent School Fall Horse Trials10/09/2016
Silverwood Farm Unrecog. Oct one day HT10/09/2016
Course Brook Farm Fall Horse Trials10/08/2016
Maryland USEA Oct HT at Loch Moy Farm10/08/2016
Radnor Hunt Horse Trials10/08/2016
Will O'Wind Fall Finale10/08/2016
Windridge Farm Fall HT10/08/2016
ESDCTA'S New Jersey Horse Trials10/02/2016
Grandview Fall Horse Trials10/01/2016
Stable View Advanced Oktoberfest Horse Trials10/01/2016
Stoneleigh-Burnham School Fall HT10/01/2016
Morven Park Fall H.T.09/30/2016
Glen Oro Sept HT09/25/2016
Larkin Hill HT09/25/2016
Ottawa Horse Trials09/25/2016
Flora Lea Fall Horse Trials09/24/2016
Meadowcreek Park HT-The Fall Social Event09/24/2016
Surefire Horse Trials09/24/2016
Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T.09/24/2016
GMHA September Horse Trials09/17/2016
Glenarden Farms Horse Trials09/17/2016
Marlborough Horse Trials09/17/2016
Colorado Horse Park T3D & N3D09/16/2016
Flying Cross Farm Horse Trials09/16/2016
Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial09/16/2016
Plantation Field Int'l CIC & HT09/15/2016
Dreamcrest Sept Horse Trials09/11/2016
MDHT Starter Fall 109/11/2016
Five Points Horse Trials09/09/2016
Poplar Place Farm September HorseTrials09/09/2016
OHTA Championships at Oakhurst Farm09/03/2016
Silverwood Farm Fall HT09/03/2016
Kentucky Classique Horse Trials09/02/2016
Chattahoochee Hills August CIC & HT08/27/2016
Town Hill Farm Horse Trials08/26/2016
Lane's End Horse Trials08/21/2016
Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials08/13/2016
Flora Lea Aug. Starter HT08/06/2016
Oakhurst July Horse Trials07/31/2016
Glenarden Farms Horse Trials07/30/2016
Hunt Club Farms HT07/30/2016
2016 NAYRC (Individual results)07/28/2016
2016 NAYRC Team Results07/28/2016
Full Gallop July Schooling Show07/24/2016
Grandview Summer Horse Trials07/23/2016
Bronte Creek Equest. Sport LTD HT07/16/2016
WILL O WIND Summer HT07/09/2016
GMHA Starter HT07/02/2016
Wits End Horse Trials07/02/2016
Caledon Horse Trials06/25/2016
Great Vista Horse Trials06/19/2016
Dreamcrest Horse Trials06/18/2016
Cobblestone Farms HT06/05/2016
Stable View Schooling Show & CT05/14/2016
WindRidge Farm HT05/14/2016
King Oak Farm Spring HT05/07/2016
Heart of the Carolinas 3-Day05/04/2016
Chattahoochee Hills CHC & HT04/22/2016
Stableview CT & Schooling Show - Jan01/09/2016
Hagyard's Midsouth Team Challenge HT10/21/2015
The Event at Kellyfords10/18/2015
Will O'Wind Horse Trials10/10/2015
Wits End Aug. Horse Trials09/05/2015
Windridge Farm Summer Schooling Show08/22/2015
Kelly's Ford July HT07/23/2015
Hunter Oaks Horse Trials07/18/2015
Equus 3D Horse Trials07/04/2015
Kelly's Ford Spring HT05/16/2015
CBES Schooling Day05/09/2015
CDCTA Spring Horse Trials 204/19/2015
Ocala Horse Properties Int. CCI2*/CCI1*04/08/2015
Full Gallop Farm Feb. II HT02/25/2015
WindRidge Farm Fall H.T.10/04/2014
Equus 3D September Horse Trials09/07/2014
Steepleview Horse Trials08/23/2014
Cedar Run August08/16/2014
Cedar Run May05/31/2014
MeadowCreek Park T3D & N3D Event11/22/2013
The Fork Horse Trials 11/16/2013
Waredaca Classic Training 3D10/24/2013
Fair Hill International September Starter HT10/17/2013
Colorado Horse Park Fall HT10/11/2013
ESDCTA Eventing Championships09/15/2013
OHTA Championships at Cedar Run09/14/2013
Difficult Run Fall 2013 Schooling Day & HT08/24/2013
TRHC Sizzling Summer HT08/24/2013
Redland Hunt PC Horse Trials04/20/2013
Longwood Farm Jan 3-phase01/19/2013
Robinson Farm Horse Trials07/28/2012

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